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Dixerit creates a high-quality audio version of your web content in real-time.

Dixerit is a server-based service and does not involve a big implementation project. A single link in your pages is all you need to integrate it easily into your website. The end user only needs an internet enabled device and speakers or headphones: no download or installation is required 

Users will benefit from a new level of service quality, speed and features


• human quality voices
• fast response
• new accessibility options
• speech-enabling without downloads and installations  


Offer your visitors an alternative way to access information by listening to it online on their PCs. You can rest assured that your web content will get to a wider audience, complementing your best accessibility efforts.   


Dixerit plus is the most advanced accessibility suite currently on the market. The core speech-enabling service can be accessed without plugins or download. For secure sites you can download Webread (and run within the browser). It a small plugin, that allows you to access all secure content in the safest possible way.

Our Magnifier tool allows you to magnify your screen display up to 6 times its normal size, and is the ideal aid if you have difficulty reading small text. Our Contrast tool allows you to apply a tint to your screen. This can be of any colour and brightness. If you find it difficult to read on-screen text because of excessive glare, or because of poor colour contrast, this tool will help make reading more comfortable. The magnifier and contrast tool work on any website or documents you are running  


Speech enable your site in a simple way: just add a link and start listening!

Dixerit UK Ltd (formerly ReadSpeaker UK Ltd) launched the new product range at the beginning of 2008 and hundreds of websites already features the Dixerit service. Our clients include The Scottish Government, Food Standards Agency and many other public sector sites.


For more information or a request a free trial please contact us at sales@dixerit.co.uk




 Go to www.speakyoursite.com