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About Us

Dixerit is a company founded by a group of people who pioneered, in their respective markets, the conversion of web-based content to audio using text-to-speech technology.

With new technological and web marketing partners, Dixerit aims to position itself as a global supplier of speech enabling services.

The management has identified in the accessibility market the immediate source of sustainable growth, while targeting at the same time the more general market of corporate, institutional and media websites, in both the public and private sectors.

To sustain its growth and to raise awareness of its services across the internet, Dixerit intends to extend its offering to the more general user community, with a focus on users who own and publish content on the web through personal websites, blogs, discussion groups and similar channels.   



Dixerit believes that all people should be able to access text content in audio format through all existing and future channels.

The company will provide easy-to-use, easy-to-buy and easy-to-install tools for converting text-content, delivered in electronic format, to audio, using text-to-speech in a wholly automated process.


Our technology will benefit all people who prefer to have content read to them, whether it is because it is fun, convenient, because they have a disability or are illiterate, or any other reason.


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