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Why Choose Us?

Dixerit provides a high-quality service in speech-enabling and accessibility. We are not only the fastest growing, but also the most advanced service in the market, and we invest to maintain this privileged position for the benefit of our customers.


Our technology has been developed with a focus on speed, ease of use and quality. We have added advanced features to make your visitors experience easier and we will include even more in the near future.


This is what you get, when you choose Dixerit:


• Immediate response time

• Super fast set-up time

• The highest quality voices in every language

• A wide selection of languages and voices

• Ease to launch: no redesign or development needed

• Outsourced service, no investment needed.

• Real time conversion, no multimedia content management

• Every web technology is supported

• PDF conversion

• Automatic language recognition

• Ease of use

• No plug-ins or downloads needed

• No special system or connectivity requirements needed



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